Gregg Scoresby's Financial Aid Offer Letter and Cost Outline
Cost of Attendance
Direct Costs
Tuition and Fees
Room and Meals
Indirect Costs
Books and Supplies
Miscellaneous Expenses
Loan Fees
Total Cost of Attendance
Financial Aid Eligibility
Total Cost of Attendance
Parent Contribution (federally determined)
Student Contribution (federally determined)
Total Cost of Financial Aid Eligibility
Your Financial Aid Award
Rivier University Funding
Founders Merit Scholarship
Catholic High School Scholarship
Art and Science Success Grant
Rivier Grant
Federal Financial Aid
Federal Pell Grant
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
Federal Student Employment
Total Aid (Federal, State, and Institutional)
What is my balance?
What is my estimated financial responsibility after my financial aid (including the federal loans I have been awarded) is applied to my account?
$40,710 Direct Costs
-$33,835 Total Aid
+$2,000 Student Employment
$8,875 Estimated Annual Balance Due
What are my options to pay the balance?
  • Interest free 10-month payment plan - estimated payments of $888/month (June through March)
  • Federal Parent Plus Loan at a fixed interest rate of 6.84% - estimated payments of $103/month upon repayment for 10 years
  • Alternative Student Loan at a rate determined by private lender based on borrower and co-borrower's credit and dept-to-income. Repayment terms are variable by lender. Based on an average of 5.24% interest rate and a 15 year repayment term, estimated payments of $72/month upon repayment

**Many students utilize a combination of options to pay the balance**

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